T.J Nut cracker




You have tried the rest. Now try the Best. This cracker was specially designed for use with the macadamia nuts. However T.J’s nutcracker will crack any nut that fits in it’s jaws. Macadamia nuts have the toughest shell found on Earth but with this cracker, all nuts have met their match. Other crackers require physical strength to crack the nut. TJs Nut cracker works with leverage. This cracker is so easy to operate a 2 year old can do it . Don’t be fooled by cheap versions or think your hand held cracker can do the job of cracking Macadamia nuts. You will end up with a sore hand and broken cracker after a few nuts. NOTE ABOUT CRACKING ABILITY This will crack your nuts. Please be aware that “cleanliness” of your crack has to due with the quality of your nut, not this cracker.

  • Cracking mechanism is heavy duty painted steel
  • Steel jaws with gripping grooves
  • Solid pine tray (clear lacquered)
  • Stainless Steel handle with wooden knob
  • Rubber stoppers to protect surfaces
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